Custom Trim

We Cover Wood with Trim Designed to Reproduce or Improve Existing Detail.

  • Made for your Home
  • We can usually match your trim color
  • Repair or replace Rotted Wood
  • Custom Trim Covers Your Wood
  • Stop Painting
  • Add Additional Trim Detail

Door Frames

Window Frames

Garag Door Frames

Front Door Frames

Patio Door Frames

Front Door Side Panels

Bay Windows

Window Bottom Panels

Outside Corners

Dental Molding

Freeze Boards

Rake Boards

Gutter Boards

Half Round Louvers

Crown Moulding

Porch Ceilings

Round Windows

Wall Louvers

Porch Beams

Porch Posts


Covered Wood Panels With Custom Trims

Covered Wood Sunburst

Covered Wood Outside Corner

Covered Wood Crown Molding and Soffit

Covered Wood Louver

Covered Wood Bay Window

Covered Wood Patio Door Frame

Covered Wood Sunburst And Window Trim

Covered Wood Window Frame

Covered Wood Rake End Block and Soffit

Covered Wood Bay With Color Design

Covered Wood Front Door Feature

Covered Wood Porch Post

Covered Wood Gutter Board and Soffit