"....I never thought my house could look
so great."

Stasia, Ashburn
25 plus years of experience means we use products that are proven superior.

We install VINYL, FIBER CEMENT, ENGINEERED WOOD, and WOOD SIDING. They come in many styles and colors. Most important is the preparation of your home before installation and the many unique trim details we offer. We will help you choose the siding, insulation, and trim details that will make your house perform and look great!


The classic beauty of freshly-painted cedar clapboard.... designed and engineered for premium performance.
  • Reinforced nail hem that can withstand 190-mph winds.

Reproduced from classic hand-crafted
boards, Carolina Beaded provides an original
impression for homes of distinction.

  • Premium .048" thickness for added
"Did a wonderful job. Went above and beyond!"
Kimberly, Woodbridge

Vinyl siding, with many styles and colors offers a way to
add value to your home. From economy to premium, vinyl
siding has many choices that will add beauty and value
to your home and is the most cost effective choice.


  • Clapboard Available in 3", 4", 5", 6" and 7", Smooth and Woodgrain
  • Colonial Beaded, 6 1/2" Smooth
  • Dutch Lap Available in 4 1/2", 5", Smooth or Woodgrain
  • Cedar Shingle Available in 5", 7" and 9" Woodgrain
  • Vertical Board and Batten, 8" Woodgrain
  • Half Round, 6 1/4" Woodgrain
  • Insulated Siding bonded with Expanded Polystyrene Foam, Many Styles and Sizes Available


  • Over 20 standard colors are available from traditional Almonds and Creams to Dark Greens and Blues.

  • Alcoa Dream Colors offer 700 colors of virtually any color, any shade, any tone...we can even match your favorite shirt!

  • Multi color blends such as Aspen, Chestnut, Maple, and Rainforrest give the appearance and feel of wood, yet have the durability of vinyl.

Fiber cement siding has the strength, beauty and
durability to enhance and protect your home from all
kinds of climates and comes with a 50 year Limited Warranty.

"Very happy - will recommend to friends
and neighbors "

Carol, Oak Hill



  • Clapboard available in
    4", 5", 6", 7" and 8" Smooth and Woodgrain
  • Colonial Beaded 7"
    Smooth and Woodgrain
  • Staggered edge available
    in 5" and 7" Woodgrain
"Very nice, polite men - very good work."
Cheryl, Ashburn


  • Prefinished in over 15 colors
  • Stained in 5 deep rich wood colors
  • Primed ready to finish

Engineered wood siding has all the benefits of traditional
wood with none of the drawbacks. It is fortified throughout
the material to resist termite fungal decay, and comes
with a 50 year Limited Warranty.

"Crew was polite and cleaned up
inside and out. Kudos to the crew chief!"


Eleana, Annandale


  • Clapboard available in
    6", 8", 12" Smooth and Woodgrain
  • Colonial Beaded 8", 9" Smooth
    and Woodgrain
  • Dutch Lap 4", 5", 6", 8"


  • Prefinished in 15 colors with
    a 15 year Finished Limited Warranty
  • Primed ready to finish



Clapboard siding made from eastern white pine or spruce.

True quartersawn lumber produces a "vertical grain" where the annual growth rings are vertical to the face of the board. As shown in the illustration, they tend to shrink across the thickness and remain flat.

Quartersawn boards are highly stable and show minimum shrinkage and warpage. This enhances the durability and its ability to hold paints and stains.

Most lumber available is "flat sawn" it tends to shrink across the width, and cup.


"Vertical grain" wood holds paint and stain better and does not stress the finish like "flat sawn" wood. All finishes have limited elasticity and anything that reduces the movement of the wood translates in to a longer lasting finish.

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